The stronger the mother, the weaker the son, the more overbearing her daughter, the greater the destruction of the family

ople know,
mother to child,
it is very important to the family,
as the saying goes: marry a good wife three rich generation! But a strong mother for families is devastating,
this is why? 1,
mother more powerful,
more cowardly son,
daughter was overbearing strong woman is not equal to the woman.
What we call strong is more about character than career.
Many women work in the Iron Lady,
go home to become little Niang,
but instead of marriage is very happy.
On the contrary,
some women may not do much work,
but a great temperament,
great momentum,
especially love mean what one says in the home,
we call this kind of love do the Queen's wife called the strong woman at home.
The psychological consultation found,
generally speaking,
when the father of the family becomes more and more marginal